How fast is your backend?

Monitor the response time of your backend, per endpoint and in real-time,
with HowFast APM (Application Performance Monitoring).

HowFast Application Performance Monitoring

Integrate the HowFast APM agent with your codebase in seconds, and get detailed data about the performance of each of your endpoints:

  • Is one of them much slower than the others?
  • Did performance decrease after the last deploy?
  • Do you meet your SLA regarding response times?

HowFast APM will tell you.

Screenshot of HowFast APM with mean response time improving


HowFast APM is currently available in the following plans, based on the number of hits measured on your backend:

Number of hitsPrice
Less than 1000 hits / day Free with HowFast Pro
Up to 50k hits / day $25 if billed monthly
Up to 1 million hits / day $85 if billed monthly
Beyond 1 million hits / day Contact Us

One request to your backend counts as one hit. Annual billing triggers an automatic 30% discount.

Find out more on Bits Per Seconds, HowFast's blog.