HowFast: Server Response Time Monitoring

Monitor the response time of your website, landing page, or API routes with HowFast.
Downtime detection with every-minute HTTP pings, Slack notifications, and team features.

Downtime detection and notification

Performance impact of server improvements

HowFast monitors your website every single minute to make sure it can be accessed by your users and customers. Get notified as soon as something goes wrong.

Detailed analysis of your response time

Track the performance and the response time

HowFast analyzes your server's response time and averages out how much time is spent in DNS resolution, establishing the TCP connection, doing the TLS handshake, how much is spent sending data to your server, waiting for the response, and downloading the full answer. Very helpful to identify bottlenecks and improvement areas, or to measure the impact of improvements.

See also the HowFast Monitoring blog, "bits per second"

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