You cannot improve what
you cannot measure

server response time monitoring and downtime notification

Get notified of downtimes

Don’t wait for your users to tell you your website doesn’t work. Get notified within 60s of the issue, through Slack, email, or PagerDuty.

Slack notification about a URL going down

Measure the impact of your changes on your app's performance

Vizualize precisely when performance started to decrease, and by how much. Or show the impact of your performance improvements to everybody. Get detailed graphs with the proportion of time spent in DNS resolution, TCP and TLS handshakes, sending the request, waiting for your server, and downloading the response.

Detailed response time showing a significant performance improvement

Team collaboration made easy

HowFast is based on your Slack workspace, so that everybody on your team can see the data, add new monitors, and react to issues without having to remember yet another password. You can also choose to keep some monitors only for you.

List of personal and team-shared monitors, being monitored by HowFast

and more

HowFast Monitoring also offers more features

Kiosk mode

to keep your team on top of what's happening

Service Level Agreement

exclude maintenance windows from the uptime and check if you - or your providers - respect the SLA in the contract

Smart notifications

get notified only after X failed pings, to minimize noise if you need it

PagerDuty integration

get notified as soon as something goes wrong, whatever the time (hopefully not 4am)
HowFast gives you factual data about your application's performance, from the point of view of your users. Now that you can measure your response time and your uptime, you will know if your changes actually improve those metrics... or not.

We have built HowFast to help developers, product managers and CTOs have a precise measure of their backend's performance. Track response time every minute, and get notified of any downtime by email or through Slack!

We believe tools should be simple and easy to use. Hundreds of buttons and features don't make a tool better.
We also want to improve HowFast based on your feedback: please let us know what you think on Twitter, by email or even better: on our public roadmap!

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